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Effective social media marketing requires a clear game plan in order to be successful

An effective social media program is about understanding and connecting with your audience. It’s about giving players a reason to spend time on your site when they have many other choices. It’s about improving the gaming experience and increasing LTV. And it’s all about the strategy you create to achieve these goals because a clearly defined and well planned social media strategy can mean a significant improvement in the revenues generated from acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation.

Social media has introduced new ways to reach, convert, retain and communicate with players in real time. The foundation of a successful social media program lies in the creation of an effective strategy designed to optimize communications with your existing and target players and ultimately improve their interaction with you.

Founded by an experienced team of gaming and marketing executives, SocialConnX builds and executes successful social media marketing strategies designed to propel ROI, acquire and convert new players, retain existing players and manage the ongoing player experience.

As part of every strategy developed, we focus on the following areas among others:

  • Analysis of your corporate goals vis-a-vis player acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation
  • Review your existing communications strategies and channels
  • Integration of social media with corporate marketing initiatives
  • Identification of optimal social media channels
  • Creation of effective social media messaging and content
  • Mapping social media execution
  • Analyzing the tools necessary to accomplish the program objectives
  • Lead generation, customer service and brand reputation strategies
  • Competitive monitoring strategy
  • Creation of metrics, measurement, analytics and reporting parameters
  • Insights strategy