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Social Media Marketing Solutions for the Gaming Industry

An effective social media program is about understanding and connecting with your audience. It’s about giving players a reason to spend time on your site when they have many other choices. It’s about improving the gaming experience and increasing LTV. And it’s all about the strategy you create to achieve these goals because a clearly defined and well planned social media strategy can mean a significant improvement in the revenues generated from acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation. Read More

Through the use of highly-sophisticated listening and monitoring strategies supported by leading edge technologies, SocialConnX builds a social media listening profile designed to monitor your brand, the competition and industry chatter from hundreds of millions of online sources. Read More

Strategy needs to be executed effectively in order to achieve your goals. SocialConnX executes a clearly defined game plan that bridges strategy and implementation so that all of the steps we identify in the planning phase are applied with the underlying objective of achieving the goals of player acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation. Read More

A comprehensive social media program includes an effective engagement strategy that allows you to identify relevant conversations, get involved in a discussion with your players and target the audience in real time. Read More

Put good data into your social media program and you’ll get good results out of it. Effective listening, monitoring and engagement come together to produce meaningful data which provides the information necessary to manage, modify and update the social media program. Read More

An essential component to a successful social media strategy is the ability to delve deep into your social networks and find key details about demographics, influencers, conversation topics and more. Read More