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Reputation Management

Every gaming operator faces the challenge of maintaining a positive reputation for their business and the people involved in the operation. All it takes is one unsatisfied player, disgruntled former employee or unethical competitor to start a negative online campaign that can quickly spiral out of control and take on a life of its own, regardless of the facts.

Online reputation management puts the power back in your hands and allows you to take control of the search results that people find regarding your company. SocialConnX offers a comprehensive, customized reputation management program designed to maintain a positive online reputation for your gaming company.

Our program includes:

  • Clearing Negatives
  • Suppression Program
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Google Auto Complete

In order to mitigate the impact of negative press, attacks through social media channels, forum and chat room posts and other negative search results targeting your business, you need a complete online reputation management strategy that targets and removes all the negative comments and mentions about your brand.

A strong reputation management program delivers several key benefits:

  • Helps to improve your brand image
  • Increases conversion, retention and reactivation
  • Improves first impression for new visitors
  • Offers searchers useful, positive information about your company
  • Removes unwanted information from auto complete search results
  • Prevents false or misleading information from “hijacking” search results

SocialConnX uses proven online techniques to create an advanced reputation management program through the use of social media which suppresses negative posts, targets harmful blogs, and inoculates other defamatory content from search results. Maintaining control over your search results is paramount to the ongoing positive reputation of your gaming property.

The SocialConnX reputation management program is designed to “hide” negative search results by populating the web with positive and truthful content that refutes false and negative statements. Through the use of well-developed reputation management, social media and search marketing initiatives, we suppress negative results making it much more difficult for them to be located. These negative posts are replaced with positive content, which gives searchers a much more positive impression of your brand.

Our reputation changing program clears and realigns search results through a multi-step process.

  • We identify the keywords, terms and phrases that you want to manage and the search result messages that you want to populate for these keywords and terms.
  • We then identify the negative posts that need to be suppressed. From here, we begin the suppression process of removing theses post from their current, harmful search results position.
  • We create positive and engaging content on your behalf or in conjunction with your team. We use this content to populate the searches generated for your brand.
  • We distribute the content via social media and other vehicles such as blogs, news sites, public profiles, guest posts, social media, and micro sites.
  • We enhance post positioning as content begins to populate the web thereby serving to move positive content higher up the search results chain and negative comment further down the chain.

SocialConnX can also develop a Google Auto Complete program which helps improve the automated suggestions that Google offers when someone searches for your brand. This program will help remove the negative auto results that appear in the Google search bar whenever someone is doing a search for your brand or name. These searches are replaced by positive content that is developed under our comprehensive reputation management program.

If you’d like to know more about creating a successful reputation management program for your brand, please contact us today.