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Study your results and act on the data in order to optimize success

Put good data into your social media program and you’ll get good results out of it. Effective listening, monitoring and engagement come together to produce meaningful data which provides the information necessary to manage, modify and update the social media program. Player retention and reactivation initiatives are much more effective when the data generated offers insight into the key elements we want to track.

These include:

  • Conversations: What is being said about your brand?
  • Demographics: Examine your audience by gender, age, location and more
  • Social snapshot: Get a synopsis of your brand in the social world; monitor and measure volume, sentiment, demographics, influencers and more
  • Intelligence: Gather the meaningful, strategic intelligence centered around your brand, your products, and your competition
  • Volume of conversation: Learn everything there is to know about the amount of conversation surrounding your keywords including “share of voice” and “share of conversation”, trending topics, volume by media type, top sources and more
  • Sentiment: View and analyze the overall sentiment towards your brand over time, measure spikes in positive and negative posts
  • Influencers: Who influences the conversation around your brand and industry? Uncover your brands top influencers from different media channels such as Twitter, blogs, forums, news sites, videos etc.
  • Content: Find out what is being said about your brand or products by analyzing the top trending topics, most used keywords, hashtags (#tags), in addition to sample words, phrases and terms from your social traffic.