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Listening & Monitoring

Listen to your audience. Monitor what’s being said.

Through the use of highly-sophisticated listening and monitoring strategies supported by leading edge technologies, SocialConnX builds a social media listening profile designed to monitor your brand, the competition and industry chatter from hundreds of millions of online sources.

Your players are talking about you, your competitors and your industry. You need to know what they’re saying, when they’re saying it and where they’re talking if you want to acquire new players, retain existing players and reactivate dormant accounts.

Monitoring the conversation as it happens gives you a competitive advantage. Identifying and understanding the social ecosystem of industry influencers, potential brand advocates and audience sentiment helps you get closer to your players.

We can monitor demographics including age, gender, location, education, career, interests, and much more as part of a strategy designed to listen to the social conversation, drive more revenue, retain and reactivate your player base.

Our monitoring strategy is designed to do the following:

  • Identify and filter keywords, terms and data to be monitored
  • Monitor the “social health” of your brand
  • Track brand, competitor and industry sentiment
  • Locate your audience and where the online conversation is taking place in order to acquire players
  • Gather competitive intelligence in order to convert players
  • Identify customer service issues in order to retain players
  • Launch dialogue with dormant accounts to reactivate players
  • Pinpoint brand advocates and industry influencers