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Find out more about your brand, industry and competitors

An essential component to a successful social media strategy is the ability to drill deep into your social networks and find key details about demographics, influencers, conversation topics and more. SocialConnX provides extensive insights that allow our gaming clients to use social media in the most effective manner possible for acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation.

Our insights offer a number of diverse and results-generating features:

  • Enriched Demographics: Learn more about the authors of social posts to gain insight into why individuals are making their comments – review and capitalize on self-reported demographics including age, gender, geographic location, education level, career, enhanced with analysis of the social profile, social audiences, lifestyle interests and much more.
  • Detailed Sentiment Analysis: Using highly advanced keyword analysis, determine if the emotion behind a post is positive, negative or neutral. We also offer additional sentiment analysis in multiple languages.
  • Discover Trends & Emerging Issues: Identify the people, places, topics and things that are most talked about. Conduct an analysis of trends and identify problems before they escalate; enhance your identification of customer service issues and resolve then quickly.
  • Find Your Influencers: Identify the target audience with the ability to drive actions and the topics they influence the most. Discover the number of people that are being influenced by social content and measure the degree to which they influence others in the social world.