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Put your plan into action and achieve your goals

Strategy needs to be executed effectively in order to achieve your goals. SocialConnX executes a clearly defined game plan that bridges strategy and implementation so that all of the steps we identify in the planning phase are applied with the underlying objective of achieving the goals of player acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation.

Successful execution involves a series of tasks including:

  • Daily brand management across all social channels
  • Managing and overseeing daily channel posting
  • Maintaining message consistency between channels
  • Ongoing testing, review and updating of social media messages and strategies
  • Identifying social media opportunities (i.e. best times to tweet, optimal times to find your market online)
  • Maintaining daily bridge between social media and corporate marketing initiatives

SocialConnX can provide the resources you need to successfully manage the execution of your social media program:

  • Content creation
  • Message development
  • Creation of social media promotions
  • Daily channel management
  • Turnkey implementation