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Think social media is confined to Twitter and Facebook? Think again…

A comprehensive social media program includes an effective engagement strategy that allows you to identify relevant conversations, get involved in a discussion with your players and target the audience in real time.

Our engagement process simplifies the activity of talking to your audience through various social channels in response to their inquiries, customer service issues and general comments about your brand, competitors and industry. But effective engagement doesn’t stop at the conversation between you and your players.

We gather competitive intel and use it to effect changes to the program so that we can react to the conversations and competitor initiatives as they happen. See what’s happening behind the scenes in your industry by using social chat to create messages that target the current discussion. Acquire new players and retain existing players who are talking about your brand. Reactivate dormant players by identifying their comments and engaging in conversation with them.

When two gaming sites go down, which one do you think has a better chance of retaining players; the one that sends out the occasional post that the site will be back later and says “thanks for your patience” or the one that engages players in a one on one environment and addresses their concerns and questions individually? Our engagement strategy is designed to take ownership of the conversation on
social media and nurture players in order to grow your business.

Engagement covers a number of areas including:

  • Target key comments from hundreds of millions of posts
  • Engage with the most relevant of posts in order to acquire, convert, retain and reactivate players
  • Identify and engage with industry influencers
  • Head off negative comments before they go viral
  • Acquire new players through conversation and lead nurturing
  • Mange customers service queries and support questions
  • Enhance the player experience through industry leading customer service
  • Build clout and brand influence
  • Drive targeted traffic for conversion