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As a gaming operator, you are a visionary who knows what it takes to build a business and you understand that the success of your gaming site is built on the relationship you have with your players.

Like many operators, you know that social media presents the opportunity to develop effective one-on-one relationships with your players. You want to show your players that you are a leader in the gaming community and an active participant on social channels who understands what your players want and how to provide it to them.

SocialConnX believes that effective use of social media is about creating strategy designed to achieve your goals. We understand your need to acquire, convert, retain and reactivate players and we develop programs that engage players in order to keep them on your site and turn them into brand advocates for your property. There are no shortcuts or fully-automated solutions when it comes to engaging your players and connecting with your audience.

Founded by a team of experienced gaming and marketing executives, SocialConnX delivers social media programs that identify and communicate with your audience in order to drive new traffic, retain existing players and reactivate dormant accounts. Our goal is to keep players at your site longer, generate more revenue, increase LTV, connect with brand advocates and help you deliver the most exciting gaming experience possible for your players.

SocialConnX works with you to identify opportunities and create the social media strategies and programs that achieve your goals. Let us show you how social media can establish your gaming business as an industry leader.