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SocialConnX creates dynamic, social media marketing strategies and highly effective programs designed for gaming operators who are looking to acquire, convert, retain and reactivate players. We connect gaming operators with their target audience, keep players engaged, enrich the gaming experience and improve player LTV.

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Your Challenge:How do you acquire new players? Your Challenge:How do you convert visitors into players? Your Challenge:How do you retain your players? Your Challenge:How do you reactivate dormant players?
The Solution:Effective social media marketing offers innovative ways to find new players and capitalize on untapped markets. The Solution:Social media provides ways to communicate one on one messages to your audience and convert them into live players. The Solution:Social media allows you to manage player expectations in real time
and offer best in class customer service.
The Solution:Social media offers insight into why players have left, what caused them to leave, and how you can reactivate them.

Our Methodology:Our social media marketing team builds successful social media programs which optimize communications with your audience, improve the gaming experience and increase player LTV. Our Methodology:Our experienced marketing team employs leading edge social media strategies and tools to build social media marketing programs designed to engage with new players and convert them to loyal customers. Our Methodology:Our knowledgeable social media marketing team develops
social media programs designed to retain players through real time, one on one communications strategies and outreach initiatives.
Our Methodology:Our social media marketing team develops strategies and programs that monitor the chat around your brand, identify players that have left, initialize new conversation and create outreach initiatives.